Our Vision

We ALL Have A Purpose.


The Purpose Within was created with YOU in mind. Your growth. Your development. Your purpose. Your story. Your breakthrough.

We exist to encourage all young people to dig deep within themselves, discover their purpose, and develop that purpose. We believe that the question for purpose is not “Why am I here?”, but that it is “Who am I here for?”.

When you ask that question, purpose is essentially discovering how you will serve others. A way that we believe you can make that discovery is by digging deep and paying attention to what stirs your heart. All of the content we create (whether it be an Instagram post, one our of resources, or one of our blogs) will help ignite that fire and stirring for more.

Our ultimate goal and vision is to see people move away from fearful living and move into purposeful living. We desire to see there be a place for vulnerability in the process, a place for genuine community and a place to empower young people to go after more. “More” does not need to be scary, over-complicated, or achieved all in one moment. We were designed for more, for a greater plan and call, that all gets developed in time. We are never fully arrived or fully developed and never will be, so as you begin the journey, we too will be growing with you.

You have a purpose. You are here for a reason. We can’t wait to see you rise up from the normal, comfortable, and mundane, and see you decide to develop the incredible purpose within you.


Bre Robinson
Creator, Founder