Purpose Discovered —Stories From People Like YOU

"After living so many years only to please other peoples expectations & judgments, bottling up emotions, and hiding my faults - I have a deep appreciation for the courage it takes to genuinely live life on purpose without regret. Put simply - I am called to 3 things: Love, Freedom & Worship. All of these elements prepare me to pour into others in every area of life. When I am living within these values, I inspire people to live, love and create beyond themselves. They are bred from the inside out and compliment each other. Freedom cannot accommodate the presence of fear, anxiety, comparison or complacency. So to live in freedom you must know the true beauty of being fully and unrelentingly loved! Love can then release you from guilt, shame and any burden. However, love thrives in a heart that has rightly positioned God and worships Him for who He is. And if you do not know God - one does not truly know love. Love, Freedom & Worship - cultivate a culture of healing, beauty and faith within and around any person who embraces them. I use medicine, music, smiles, fitness, a warm embrace, truth, money, kind words, and anything else in my quiver to facilitate the flow of increasing Love, Freedom and Worship in my life and anyone I come in contact with." Dr. Cherise Morgan

I feel that my purpose is to spread the word of God and make it relatable. I want to spread confidence, kindness, and love to everyone and lead them to God. I hope to someday get the courage to get up I front of hundreds of people to share my testimony and spread joy! It will take baby steps, but God has a plan for me! I just have to stay on the path and not get distracted!”- Emily R., Age 15

“I believe my purpose is to show others that there’s more to life than just the life they’re living and that they can and should live the life God’s called them to live. I don’t think it was until I got honest with myself and learned I wasn’t happy with the life I was living that I realized doing what makes me happiest could also be what i’m best at. For a long time, I thought I should just simply be doing what i’m best at, not what i’m most passionate about. God calls each and every one of us to live a joyful life, and I believe we can do that by doing what we’re genuinely passionate about. Doing the things that bring out the Very Best in us and those around us. Doing what shows people the kind of true Love that our God has for everyone. I think a lot of people get so caught up in the life they’re living and their current circumstances that they end up telling themselves “maybe it’s going to be this way forever”. God says differently though. He always has something bigger and better planned for your life.”Garret Silver

- “For so long I tried to “figure out” my purpose thinking it had to be this specific or elaborate thing. But recently God has really revealed to me that sometimes it is the most simple things that can mean the most. So I stopped, thought, and prayed about what brings me joy, what refreshes me, what do I naturally find myself doing? And there was one common thread throughout all those answers....Serving. Service is where I feel refreshed, where I feel empowered, where I feel passionate, and where I feel like I can truly love people the way God has called us to. God has called me to serve both in my church as well as in my career. I am currently working as a Behavioral Therapist, where I get to work with children with Autism- teaching them and helping them to grow and develop, and providing the opportunity to live a more fulfilling life. I get to serve these children and their families and I literally get to see their lives change for the better. THAT is what drives me, Serving God and Serving Others so that they have the opportunity to live a life that is full of hope, love, joy, and passion.” -Aimee Votaw 

I believe my purpose is to bring out the best others. To be a person who can create an environment where they could experience life in the greatest ways. Praying, that me living passionately and on fire could impact a person in a way and maybe they wouldn’t have been able to if I hadn’t lived in my calling. I believe ultimate purpose is to see the gold in those we come into contact with revealed. To see those who have never had it, experience hope, life, love, knowing that there is more, and a future ahead of them is the greatest gift!” -Deshauwn Tagliareni

“It wasn't until my friend showed me a picture of someone lost in worship at church that I really felt lead to my purpose. The emotions jumped out at me as if I was there myself. As I was looking at this picture, I felt the peace and the stillness of the moment. Ever since then I have spent all my extra time, my finances and I have taken every opportunity available to learn, grow and and be mentored in this field. I know the impact of videos and the power they can have. Videos are so much greater than just something you watch, but have the power to literally save a person’s life or create a future for someone that was never there until they got inspired by a video.When I think about my future of video I see it as a huge opportunity to share something bigger than a moment, something everlasting, something so great it has no measure. I only know one thing that is that powerful and that is the power of God. The reason why I develop this purpose for my life is because there are thousands of people killing themselves everyday not knowing the love the power of God, not feeling the presence of God and the stillness that follows. I make videos not for my glory or my fame but all to the glory of God and to impact His people.”Vincent Delegge